Protecting Customer Privacy

The lifeblood of any business is its customers. Without them, no private company will last long. That's why it makes sense that more and more companies are making their customers their priority and are beginning to focus on nurturing and managing their relationships with each individual customer.  By attracting new and profitable customers and through long-term retention of existing customers, companies can increase their profits. Also, the recovery of former good customer helps maximise profits.

The individual customer must therefore be appealed to in a pro-active manner at the right time and place and via the right means of communication. Products and services have to be offered that meet their specific needs and are suitable to their current situation.  To be successful in this effort, you need not only to know the specific needs, preferences and characteristics of each of your customers.  You also need to collect, process and manage customer data.  And this always includes protecting your customers' right to privacy.

We provide legal advice and services in the following areas related to customer data protection:

  • Customer relationship management (see "data-protection  compliant CRM")
  • Legally compliant collection of customer data
  • Direct collection of customer data (such as through contracts and pre-contractual relationships, as well as oral and written surveys, through technical media, etc.)
  • Indirect collection of customer data (such as by purchase, rental, lease, exchange, license for use of personal data pools, from public registers and lists, geodata, etc.)
  • Data protection-compliant management and use of customer databases (such as data mart, data warehouse, operational data store)
  • Registering customer databases with the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner
  • Marketing and advertising using customer-interest data
  • Phone, fax, email and SMS advertising
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Marketing surveys
  • Data protection compliant customer loyalty and bonus programmes
  • Design of consent forms
  • Design of customer contracts
  • Analysis of customer data (e.g., data mining algorithms, OLAP and statistical programs)
  • Scoring, evaluation of customers, classifying customer groups
  • Handling and use of personal analysis results
  • Linking customer data with other information
  • Creation and use of customer profiles
  • Care and handling of customer relationships
  • Winning back former customers
  • Cross-selling and up-selling of customer data
  • Group-wide customer privacy
  • Overseas transmission of customer data
  • Outsourcing of customer data processing
  • Warning files, black lists
  • Safe storage and archiving of customer data and other documents
  • Customer requests for information, deletion, correction and destruction of records

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