Employee Relationship Management (ERM)

Employee relationship management is dedicated to the personal relations of the firm to its individual employees. ERM seeks to meet different goals. On the one hand, suitable, profitable staff members who comply with the needs of the company and industry/government agency should be recruited.

Analogous to CRM, only profitable, valuable employees are kept on as long as possible with ERM. Their specific skills and productivity are developed and supported through personalized business-to-employee portals containing individual tasks and targets set by supervisors, but also information about customers, products, services and internal company training materials.

These employee portals also provide the employees desktop or laptop access to important information about their career, their industry, competing companies, current market data (such as stock and commodity prices), as well as the latest company and department news. With the individual configuration of such information, employee time is saved so they can concentrate on their actual work and increase the productivity of the company.

On the other hand, ERM offers streamlined performance management and assessment tools. The tasks and projects assigned are monitored for achievement of goals and the amount of time used. Employee self-assessments and supervisor performance reviews can be automatically compared, analysed and evaluated electronically for an assessment period. This simplifies the entire employee appraisal and review processes.

ERM solutions also provide electronic management of personal data and documents and allow the corresponding administrative to be streamlined and automated. In addition, they enable employees to manage themselves (such as expense and time reports, vacation requests, etc.).

We offer companies legal support in developing, implementing and managing the following ERM areas:

  • Employee self service portals
  • Electronic application portals
  • Project and group portals
  • Cross-company employee portals (such as at corporations, joint ventures)
  • Management portals
  • E-recruitment
  • Reporting (business intelligence, OLAP, data mining)
  • Time, performance, payroll and expense record keeping
  • Electronic personnel files
  • Migration of data to other systems (such as data mart, data warehouse)
  • Interfaces
  • Rights management
  • Employee data protection (see also the section on  protecting employee data)
  • Procurement, processing, storage and destruction of employee data

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