The term e-health is used to designate all electronic health services. Everyone involved in modern health care (such as hospitals, pharmacies, social and private insurance companies, pharmaceutical firms, product providers, physicians and medical officers, laboratories, home health care, patients,  government agencies, etc.) are electronically networked with modern information and communication e-health technologies. At the same time, e-health optimizes patient care as well as technical and administrative processes while leading to cost savings.

We are glad to provide advice on the specific laws and privacy regulations affecting your particular area in the health care sector (such as social and private insurance regulations) and the data privacy coordination required when interacting with other areas of health care. 

Under e-health, we offer a data protection consultation in particular on the following areas:


  • E Health architectures
  • Data warehouse solutions and data marts for insurance companies and hospitals
  • Clinic information systems
  • Data-protection compliant organization of private and social insurance, medical officer services, pharmacies, hospitals and clinics
  • Electronic networking between single or multiple health care companies (i.e. B2B)
  • Electronic data interchange (internal and external)
  • Access portals for insured persons, patients or health services
  • Interfaces for administrative and technical processes
  • Electronic patient files
  • Patient smart cards
  • Online patient instructions
  • General procurement, analysis and dissemination of patient and insured data
  • Insured data in medical officer services
  • Exchange and use of personal information for co-insurance contracts between all insurance companies involved
  • Medical research projects with health data
  • Genetic analyses
  • Electronic billing
  • Trust centre
  • Web-based information
  • Tele-medicine (or remote medicine)
  • Telephone consultation (such as call centres and internet hot-lines)
  • Home care
  • Case management
  • Absence management
  • Outsourcing services
  • Joint ventures
  • Privacy Policy

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