CRM Data Protection is our Speciality

Minimising data protection and other legal risks specifically arising from CRM processing of personal data is our speciality. We review your company's current or planned CRM system components and programmes to pinpoint the exact point where data breaches might occur and the extent privacy laws might be violated.  We then present the technical, organisational and legal solutions to avoid or at least reduce these breaches of the law in your company. We work with companies in all industries - including yours.

We provide independent and industry-neutral support to domestic and international companies for all data protection issues that may be caused by operational and analytical CRMs. In particular we offer legal advice and solutions in planning, the implementation and the use of:

  • Analytical CRM systems
  • Data warehouse architectures
  • Data mart architectures
  •  Operational data store
  • Meta-data repositories
  • Data warehouse meta-databases
  • ETL (extraction, transformation, loading) processes
  • Data enrichment
  • Operational data stores
  • Data mining analysis tools
  • OLAP analysis tools
  • Web mining
  • Text mining
  • Web structure mining
  • Web usage mining
  • General access pattern tracking
  • Customized usage tracking
  • Web farming
  • Spatial data mining
  • Call recording, speech recognition and speech mining
  • Operational CRM systems
  • Online transaction processing systems (OLTP systems)
  • Enterprise resource planning systems
  • Supply chain management systems
  • Computer-integrated manufacturing systems
  • Device relationship management systems
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales automation
  • Service automation
  • Customer interaction centres (collaborative CRM)
  • Classic call centres
  • Info services, hot-lines, help desks, self-service systems
  • Electronic CRM systems
  • Mobile CRM solutions (such as for mobile advertising and mobile sales)
  • Location-based services
  • Web-based data warehouse architectures

CRM is often illegal!

CRM is a legally delicate matter, and often even illegal. The Swiss Federal Data Protection Commissioner said in his sixth official report, for example,  that data mining and data warehousing are illegal. To quote his exact language, he stated in this report: "The development of collections of personal data obtained with data warehousing and data mining is not compatible with the data processing principles in the Data Protection Act (DPA)." The data protection commissioners in Germany, Austria and other European countries share this view. Many companies are not aware of this important point of view. The legal hurdles which must be overcome in the planning and management of operational and analytical CRM systems are quite numerous and varied. The first legal problems show up as soon as a data warehouse is procured and data begins to be integrated into the data warehouse. But don't worry – we are here for you! We will show and design the proper legal solutions for you, so that you can sleep with a clear conscience.

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