Data Protection Check

Your new project is absolutely exceptional, innovative and promising, but you're not certain how to plan and implement it in compliance with privacy laws? Your company's work-flows are functioning exceptionally well, but you're not sure about what action might be necessary to bring these into line with data protection laws? You have invested a lot in your partnership with a third party and would like to have a neutral and independent privacy protection expert check your intra-company data exchange processes for potential weaknesses so that you  can make the necessary security measures in a timely manner? You already know the opinion of your internal data protection officer, but still want an external review just to be sure?

The data protection check is designed to help meet these needs!

We offer five different types of data protection checks:

  • Project data protection check

This data protection check applies to projects planned by private sector, administration and research. This data protection check provides an overview of the data protection measures required to make your project compliant and successful from the beginning.

  • Organisational flow data protection check

The organizational flow data protection check is performed on existing work processes in companies and public administration.

  • Supply chain data protection check

The supply chain data protection check reviews the exchange and sharing of personal data with your cooperative and business partners (producers, suppliers, distributors, sales outlets and other third-party suppliers).

  • Outsourcing data protection check

The outsourcing data protection check shows whether third-party outsourcers are following your privacy policies.  It also provides certainty about the measures you still need to undertake.

  • Website data protection check

Companies that operate a website or an online store should develop a truthful privacy policy compliant with data protection regulations. With the website data protection check, we review if your privacy policy actually meets the technical functions of your web server and your data collection techniques. If you do not already have a privacy policy, we can develop one for you which will be tailored to the processes used in your company or agency.  In addition to reviewing your privacy policy, we can write a disclaimer of liability for your website, if you wish.

Our Approach

First, we review the actual status quo. We analyse the planned or existing work processes. To do this, we conduct interviews and, if necessary, also inspect data processing and IT systems on site. Then we check any existing data protection documents and the steps you have already taken. We then determine any discrepancies, gaps, vulnerabilities and enhancements in your privacy policy, which we present in the form of an audit report. The report assesses in detail the individual data protection risks and potential for future risks. This allows you to fix the most urgent and greatest flaws in your privacy policy systematically according to a priority list.

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