Privacy Policy — Data Protection Declaration

We are glad you have visited our site Protecting your privacy and adhering to data protection laws is our utmost concern. We therefore do not use various data collection and analysis techniques. In our privacy policy, we will explain what data is recorded as you browse our website and what we do with that data.

When visiting our website, the following data are automatically recorded:

The data collected in our log files

  • IP address and domain name of the client or server accessing our site
  • Time and date of access
  • Time zone
  • Name of browser (such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera etc.)
  • Access status in the form of a code that indicates whether and how the data exchange between client and server took place (such as 200 = page successfully transferred; 404 = not found; 401 = not authorised, etc.)
  • Operating system and name and version number of the requesting browser (agent)
  • The number of bytes transferred
  • Locale from which the site was accessed
  • URL of the page containing the link to the requested page.

This data recorded in our web server's log file do not allow us to identify you as by name or address. Our website visitors remain anonymous as they click through our site. The only exception is if you leave us your email address, home address or telephone number via our contact form. Then we can identify you, of course. We would in this case have the technical ability to trace your personal navigation through our website by the contact details sent by you. For such tracing, though, we have neither time nor interest. We therefore assure you that we will not trace your use of the site even if you do leave us your personal information in our contact form.

Session Cookies

We use temporary session cookies for our site which are retained only as long as you are on our site.  They are deleted when you close your browser or stop browsing our site.


We also use JavaScript on our website to enhance the navigation and make the website more interactive. At present we require JavaScript especially for the design and testing of our web forms.

Data collection techniques that we do not use

To protect your privacy we do not use a lot of data collection and analysis techniques such as:

  • Web bugs
  • ActiveX controls
  • Google analytics
  • Data mining tools

Purpose of the site / evaluation of log files

Our site is intended to inform you about the services we offer. Therefore we have no particular interest in gathering information about our site visitors. The data registered in our web server as described above is incurred primarily due to the necessary technical requirements which we are not in a position to change.  However, we have the opportunity to analyse anonymously the log files of our web server with a standard statistical program (an integrated program of CMS Desk). This allows us to answer the following questions and display the answers in the form of simple graphs:

  • How many website visitors were there during a specific period (e.g. day, month, year)?
  • From what countries did users access our site?
  • How long on average did users stay on one page?
  • Which pages were viewed?
  • Which pages are viewed most (positive hit)?
  • Which pages are viewed least (negative hit)?
  • What documents have been downloaded?
  • What types of browsers were used?

If we should occasionally make such an evaluation, it is always anonymous. As a rule, the only data we are interested in is the number of visits to our website which took place in a certain period.

Communication by Email

The transmission of unencrypted email is neither safe nor suitable to exchange confidential information and personal data. If you give without safeguards confidential information known by e-mail, you should also be aware that possibly unauthorized third parties (e.g. hackers) could access them and take insight. You should also expect that an unauthorized third party without your consent distorts the information that you have and use it for its own purposes. The information sent via e-mail may also be sent abroad. This may even be the case if the sender and recipient are located in Switzerland. For this reason, you must also expect that the information transmitted via e-mail could also be transferred to a country in which a lower data protection level than exists in Switzerland. If you are still in touch with us via unencrypted e-mail and ask us questions, we will assume that you want this kind of communication with us. In this case, you agree that we also reply via unencrypted e-mail reply and provide the requested information so that you may.

Requests for Information

You can generally assume that we cannot identify our site visitors either by name or address. An exception exists, however, if you write us an e-mail via the contact form. If you any further questions about the collection and processing of data on our website, please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to answer any questions. Any questions and requests for information, correction and deletion requests can be sent to the following address:

Schweizer Privacy Law
Hagenholzstrasse 81a
CH-8050 Zürich

Changes and Updates to the Privacy Policy

It is possible that we will in the future use other data collection and processing techniques for our site. We therefore reserve the right to change our website at any time and adapt to the new circumstances.  Therefore regularly consult our privacy policy so that you are always informed about the latest changes.

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