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Schweizer Privacy Law is a Zurich company specialising in data protection, information technology and internet law. We use our core areas of expertise to provide legal support and protection in the planning, implementation and management of complex operational and analytical CRM systems. These include online transaction processing systems, data warehousing systems and the application of data mining and OLAP analysis tools.

We help companies to make both their internal processes and external partner networks (such as supply chains) data protection compliant. We make industry-specific recommendations on legal requirements affecting the planning of customer loyalty programmes, outsourcing, setting up call centres and customer interaction centres, and the provision of automated marketing, sales, and services. We also develop and present technical, organisational and legal measures companies should undertake to protect themselves legally and reduce their liability risk.

Schweizer Privacy Law advises corporations, SMEs and public authorities in Switzerland and abroad on all legal questions about Swiss and European data protection law, regardless of industry. We also accept in particular mandates to serve as external data protection officers (solely in Switzerland). In addition to our areas of specialisation, we also offer consultation and services in business and trade law.
Managing Director

The owner of Schweizer Privacy Law, Dr. iur. Alex Schweizer, LL.M., studied law in Switzerland and graduated with emphasis on information technology law. In Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, he later undertook an extensive postgraduate study of international business transactions, international public law, international financial law, corporate law, comparative legal traditions, Australian and American law and international privacy conflicts.  There he earned a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in international law.

Schweizer deals mainly with analytical and operational information systems, artificial intelligence, security and surveillance technologies including biometric procedures and their legal implications for society and the individual citizen.

In his spare time, he writes regularly. Among other works, he is author of the books "Data Mining, Data Warehousing - Privacy Guidelines for Private Companies" (Orell Füssli, 1999, 416 pages) and "Customer Relationship Management - CRM Violations of Privacy Laws" (Weblaw/Schulthess, 2006, 509 pages).

Professionally, in addition to his various previous legal activities, Schweizer has also served as data protection officer for a major insurance company charged with advising its executives, various departments and affiliate companies primarily in the areas of data protection, computer science and business law. Since 2009, he is owner of Schweizer Privacy Law and advises companies and government agencies on data protection, IT and general business legal matters. 

Cooperative Partners

For legal issues outside the specialisation of Schweizer Privacy Law as well as for larger projects, we work with the law firm Martina Arioli ( and other cooperative partners, however, we remain separate legal entities.  




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